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Life Keeps Truckin’ On

And that’s what gets me. Time just marches on and on and on, irregardless of the ups and downs, the joys and pains that mark our lives. Time is not a respector of persons any more than God is. I am here, 100% invested in this life, this marriage, this man. There is not any thing held back. There is no regret in that, just a little fear sometimes. So here is to the time we cannot get back: to the year 2007, gone forever, only existing now in our memories and the history books. Here is to the 16 months that I never went home in, to the 13 months that my 27-year-old best friend has lived in a marriage without sex, to the 7 months of extra life my 4-year-old son has been given through open heart surgery, and to the 4 months since I lost a baby. Here is to youthful trust and hope, the innocent belief that life will go as planned. Here is to the time lost, wasted, and gone forever. Here’s to the things we can’t get back.


It’s About Time!

It takes me so long to get online, logged in, to the dashboard, and into a new post that usually half my writing time is taken up! Even just a few minutes of down time when you have three preschoolers are precious. Everything that I do, from undressing, changing diapers, redressing, bathing, washing hair, feeding, cooking for, cleaning up after, removing from the jelly mess they’ve just created without having to shower yourself, getting to the car, buckling into the car, getting out of the car…. (the list goes on and on) takes exponentially more time than the first kid. Yet there are still only 24 hours in a day and only 2 hands to work with here.

Welcome to my new blog!

I needed a new place to have a blog more like a journal than my other one, a place where I can express more opinion and less political correctness! Here you will be exposed to my thoughts, untempered by the worry that my parents or in-laws will read it! So I intend to write down here some of the constant running commentary going on in my head, colored as it is by my personal religious beliefs, how unruly the kids have been that day, how the romance (or lack thereof) fares in my marriage, the amount of chocolate/caffeine consumed, and, of course, my monthly cycle! I hope you enjoy some of it!