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Yeah! 1 View!

LOL! Success! Someone viewed my blog! I’ve been debating the pros and cons of connecting this blog to me through my other blog or through gf or myspace. I don’t know how else to get viewers, but I’m not convinced it would be a wise thing to do, either. It would be nice to just write and not worry about who reads this and who might see it and be offended. So I guess I’ll just keep writing and let the viewing take care of itself! And be happy with my one little viewer!

Next up: getting a comment!


My House is Clean

the kitchen tableYep, my house is clean. So clean you could almost eat off the floor – as long as you don’t mind your food tasting a little like Mop n Glo. That stuff is so much better than the Swiffer, except for the part where I have to do it on my hands and knees. And yes, even my stove has been scrubbed within an inch of its life, a task I have detested since I was a little girl. Growing up, the chore of doing dishes wasn’t finished until you had wiped down all the counters and the table, and cleaned the (*sigh*) stove. Now that I’m all grown up I only clean it about once a month, and then because everything is cooked on, it’s much harder to scrub off. I’m starting to think maybe I’m not doing myself any favors by putting it off. Hmm.

Anyway, the point of all this fervent cleaning and srubbing was to make a good first impression on our new friends, B & R. We’ve been to their house once, after she and I finally met when we were all at J & M’s wedding a couple of weeks ago. So DH spent time cleaning the yard and garage and helped me get the horrid wood stove out of the house and move the couch and piano while I cleaned. We had the advantage of seeing their house first, so I know what an impeccable house keeper she is, which is a little intimidating. Here she is 4 months pregnant with their third child and her house looks like that? Is it just me who gets sick and lazy when she’s pregnant? Sheesh! Not only that, but she is halfway through her third pregnancy (reduntant, I know, but hear me out) and she hardly looks pregnant at all! I wouldn’t think she was pregnant if I didn’t already know. She says she gains 50 lbs with each pregnancy – it’s her  “magic number”. Well what does she do afterward, lose 60?!  That’s way more than I ever gained with any of my pregnancies, but I just never managed to lose all of it, or the shelf, or the stretch marks. How can I possibly be good friends with someone who has never struggled with her weight?

Okay, well, now that I’ve written that out I can pretty plainly see that my problems with finding and making new friends has a lot less to do with the other person than with issues within myself, and my own view of my worthiness as a person and as a friend. Gotta work on that.

Writing Assignment

So I am attempting to challenge myself to learn new things, or in this case, to relearn something I used to be fairly good at. I haven’t ‘picked up the pen’ so to speak for a few years and I’m starting to miss that creative release. I started yesterday reading a book called Writers, Inc. which I have had now for 15 years. I’ve always found it intriguing, but I’ve never progressed past the introduction until now. I want to write. I LIKE to write. Yet every time I get into that book I feel so inadequate; like my ideas are so jumbled up in my head that it would take years of training to know how to sort it out and get it on paper. It’s when I’ve been doing a lot of reading that I really want to get back into writing. When I just have that spark I can sit down and it flows out like a stream. Even though I don’t necessarily feel inspired lately, I really want to express the thoughts and feelings that come with my experiences as a mom, if nothing else. In the book it suggests setting a time daily to write, to practice the skill of writing, so here I am this morning, trying to make it part of my morning routine.

This Week’s Adventures in Parenting

this is what 5 lbs. of sugar looks like. You can see some of the tricycle tracks going out the top, too.Yep, it was an interesting week, to say the least. I don’t even know where to begin! My beautiful little 2 year old DD spent a lot of her time trying to “help” me this week, which ended up with 5 lbs. of sugar on the floor that then begged to be driven through on the tricycle. Dumping my glass of water into the bread machine on another day during it’s kneading cycle halfway through, which made a lovely splatter that reached the floor on both sides of the counter, the clean dishes in the sink, and encompassed both bread makers! I spent a lot of time cleaning this week. And I learned that using a lint roller on the kitchen floor picks up a lot of sugar granules that would have turned the floor into syrup that were left behind even after vigorous sweeping! Note to self: get a new lint roller refill and some knee pads to keep handy…

But beyond the trials and the patience required for the raising of babies and toddlers, I am now moving into the territory of awkward conversations. Well, actually, one of them was an awkward conversation, the other was an awkward moment IN a conversation! I was sitting at the kitchen table, visiting with a friend who stopped by, when my 2 year old DD walked into the kitchen with, well, an object that belongs only in the bedroom as its sole purpose is the prevention of conception. Maybe not immediately recognizable by men, and some women, but immediately embarrasing to me! I won’t mention what exactly she was doing with it, that part still gives me the heebie jeebies. So I quickly grabbed it from her and as calmly as I could walked to the sink and put that in it and turned back to my previous conversation as quickly as possible. Note to self: don’t let her play upstairs by herself without locking the bedroom door!!

And then there was the conversation between me and my 4 year old son about the importance of “modesty”. The boy at this time has NONE. He has absolutely no qualms about running around naked in any company. He embarrased his cousins a few times when we were out west by leaving the door open when using the bathroom, dressing (or undressing) in any place at any time (not being naughty, just changing clothes) and otherwise having no shame in general. Let me start by saying that this is not how I was raised and I have no idea why I have hardly any inclination toward teaching my kids modesty. That being said, I have been thinking lately that getting around to the modesty thing might be a good idea. There does come a time when it is not appropriate to leave the door open when you pee, or to change clothes in any company present.  His questions lately have become incessant. All the “why”s have begun their annoying constancy in our house. So this is how it all started:

“Why can’t boys take baths with girls?”

“Because boys and girls need to give each other privacy.”

“Why?”  (at this point my mind is racing trying to come up with words to say to explain this at a level he can grasp, but with a heck of a LOT more openness and frankness than my mother EVER was capable of coming up with for me!)

“Because boys have ‘Big Me’s’ (HIS term for his boy parts, not mine! LOL!) and girls have other special parts and to give each other privacy means …”   further explanation and questioning entails…

“Why are they ‘special parts’?”  and at this point I begin to understand why my mom had a hard time with the open and frank thing…

“Go ask your Grandma” No, just kidding, I actually told him at that point that when he was older he’d get more explanation about just how special those parts are, but for now that’s enough! with the why’s.

So those are the most memorable moments from this week’s lesson in parenting. Of course, there were also the diapers, the baths, the shopping in Meijer’s with three little kids and a cart full of groceries, the mud pies and the laundry, the cooking and the cleaning that goes along with all of it. I love my life, though, I wouldn’t trade it for anything!