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Another Day in the Life of This mom

Just had to try and relate the events of this past Wednesday. The day got started off on the wrong foot with the alarm not going off and realizing that just about 10 min. before DH needed to leave. So up we jumped, ran downstairs and he dressed and fed the critters while I made his lunch. Actually, now that I think about it he didn’t feed the critters, they went hungry! LOL! Anyway, after he left, I was up and trying to get my day started but without coffee, since Grandma H. was coming at 8 to check my blood sugar for the health seminar I’ve been attending. So no coffee and a pricked finger was how my kids found me as they stumbled out of bed and demanded food. I got around some oameal and cantaloupe and proceeded with my day. The morning went reasonably well, dishes and laundry got done, the kids didn’t get hurt or sick. Then at lunch I let J help me with the sandwiches. He buttered the bread (thickly, I might add) and I coached him on how to skim the knife across the bread to even it all out. I started smelling something a bit, um, sour. I asked J if he was stinky, to which I got an incredulous look for a reply and a very decisive (if not a tiny bit snotty) NO. I heard a giggle from beneath the table and look down to discover an obviously stinky ELA staring up at me with innocent eyes. She was wearing big girl panties and well, it was definitely not a pretty situation. I picked her up and carried her at arms length directly to the bathtub, coaching J as I walked away to spread the butter thinly and add “just a little” jam when he was done with the butter. In the bathtub I peeled the nasty unders off ELA and turned ’em inside out in the toilet while I cleaned her up. I pulled out the drain stopper to rinse off the last of what was on her legs and feet that was left behind after the 20 wipes I used before I attempted to fill up the bathtub with warm soapy water. But I couldn’t get the drain stopper back in! I tried and tried, then finally gave up, gave her a little shower, scrubbed her up and got her out. I then finished rinsing out the unders and threw them in the washer, then bleached the tub and my hands. I know it’s just poop, but now and then it really gets to me!!!

When I returned to the kitchen, there was J, finishing up his cutting of the first of the three sandwiches. Cool! He had done a good job and I was sure to tell him I was proud of him for finishing the job. I peeked inside the second sandwich and found a dollop of jam inside about the size of a dime. At least he followed directions! LOL! Lunch continued on without too much fuss, the usual mess and cleanup, sticky fingers and dirty faces. I let the girls come upstairs with me afterward to straighten up the rooms and put clothes away. As I was putting clothes into dressers, ELA and EM climbed up on my bed (laundry station central) and were busy kicking at the sheets and laying on the pillows. I returned from J’s room to again be confronted with a tell-tale sourness in my nose, this time not just all over one little two-year-old, but All. Over. MY. BED. *sigh*. I couldn’t leave EM on my bed upstairs with the poop, and I didn’t want ELA making any worse mess, so I took one girl under each arm and marched down the stairs, slamming the door at the bottom with my foot as we went by. I put EM down in front of the couch, and again marched ELA straight to the bathroom, where we used another 20-30 wipes and took a mini shower.

During the afternoon nap I got a short reprieve and watched a JAG, had a Mt.Dew and just SAT for a few minutes. When EM got up from her nap and it wasn’t quite time for dinner, I let her sit in her chair and eat watermelon while I fixed the meal. I left the room for a few minutes at one point to deal with another kid of mine, and could hear her in the other room quickly change from being happy and thankful for the watermelon to being “all done” with the watermelon, about 10 seconds of silence, and then the firecracker went off, and the next thing I knew, there was watermelon being spread around the kitchen like vegan cheese in a lidless blender. The spray had reached places I hadn’t even thought possible. There was no way to even reach her to put a stop to the madness without trekking through the sticky mess. So I gated off the kitchen to prevent the other two from joining in the destruction, and set about cleaning up the disaster. First I took the tray off and set it in the sink, then took paper towels to try and clear a little path back to the chair and took my shoes off and set them aside. I took the messy ragamuffin from her chair and back to the bathtub for my third extra-carricular trip there in a day. I stripped her down in the tub, started the water, and realized I still hadn’t gotten the stopper to go back in the drain properly. Hmm… you can’t exactly shower a 15-month-old very well, so I tried again to put back the stopper. 5 min. later and no cigar still, I am trying to contain myself and not swear like I want to while I clean my hair off.  Because while I was working on the drain, my DD has been using her sticky hands to pat my head. Lovely. I needed to get out of there and take a few deep breaths, so I turned on the warm running water and left her there to play in it while I did some cleaning in the kitchen. I took some more paper towels to the mess, attempted to rescue the burning dinner on the stove, and went for the swiffer in the corner. Unfortunately, the swiffer had dead batteries. Great. So out came the big bowl full of hot water, a rag, and the Mop-n-Glo. I did the whole kitchen floor and actually felt a little more sane after that! I went back and finished cleaning up the little toddler and took her back out to join her hungry siblings in the living room. I think we ended up eating sandwiches again that night since dinner had been unsalvageable. That night when DH finally got home, I let him take care of the kids downstairs while I went upstairs and finally got to change the bed. While I was at it I changed the kids’ beds too, before putting them to bed and then going for a much needed walk.


For Danyl Christian

Dear Danyl,

You were supposed to be born today. Or at least, some time this week. I have no way of knowing if you were a boy or not, but in my heart it’s who I think you were: Danyl Christian. So now I will watch you grow up only in my mind, picture how you would look today, in a year, in 5 years, hear your voice only in my dreams. I’ll wonder what life would have been like with you in it, but I’ll never get to really know. It has been a harder day than I thought it would be. I thought I’d be okay since it has been so long and you were only known of for such a short amount of time.  Sleep in peace little one. Someday I hope to hold you in my arms like I should have been doing all along.