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preggie pic

6 weeks to go!



Bathroom: clean toilet, sink, mirror, take out trash, sweep and scrub floor.

Kitchen: clean windows, scrub stove, wipe cupboards down, sweep, scrub floor on knees, scour sink, clean mirror, polish table, do four loads of dishes.

Cooking: potato salad, baked beans, mac n cheese, lemon cake.

Living Room: vacuum, straighten up, clean window.

Misc: wash, line dry, fold, put away 2 loads of laundry.

Other: OB appt. randomly shoved into a busy afternoon, bathe all kids, prep, serve, and clean up meals, SHOWER.

Good enough for MIL? Not a chance in hell.

Some day if this trend of no weight gain continues, I may actually have to thank her for keeping me stressed out and insanely busy this summer. After losing a pound at my last appointment, this time I was back up 8/10 of that lost pound. I’m the same weight I was 6 weeks ago.

At least there is ONE pro (to the many, many cons) of this long, extended, drawn out “visit”.