Letter 2

Right now your pride is swinging in full force and you are already planning the rebuttals and refutals inevitably formed with precision and force worthy of a more intelligent opponent than I will ever be, while the actual words I’m saying are seen but not heard.

For no other reason than that I have broken the H coat of arms: Loyalty To Death, Till Death, and Beyond Death, I have massacred my own character on the rocks of pride directly below the cliff I’ve just jumped from.

No, I’m not going to even attempt to convince myself or you that I am intelligent enough to come up with a series of thoughts that pet your egos long enough to make you feel as if you’ve come to the conclusions I want you to completely on your own. I’m not going to beat around the bush, and I’m not going to attempt… EVER… to verbally spar with any of you. As much as you would like to verbally thrash me as I feebly attempt to make coherent sentences flow freely from my unwieldly-tongued mouth, I know my limitations better than you might imagine. I will not be answering phone calls in response to this. My response time to other forms of communication will vary greatly and likely be highly unsatisfying. Deal with it.

It does not give just cause to throwing everything said out.

Doing so would be a poor excuse for good judgment.

I don’t know what quality it is that drives you all to be incapable of changing the trajectory of your course even a miniscule fraction of a degree until such a time as you are able to see you have reached the very breaking point of a close relationship. It is as if you are as inanimate as a potato launched from a potato gun, flung forward and upward until gravity overcomes thrust and freefall occurs.

You believe you control it, control yourselves, and truly seem to believe that only because you cannot fully control others (who really should be submitting to your micromanagement) does the relationship break occur!


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  1. Raini Engle Said:

    I can’t disagree with a thing written here other then the underestimate of yourself.

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